Complex Event Analysis and Analytics

A CEAA server is resilient Complex Event Analysis scalable solution which can process millions of events per second. The solution provides guaranteed high availability and redundant processing to support critical business functions. It guarantees no message drops, and reports any messages which are not processed because of new sources or oversight in deployment Deployment of the solution can either be done locally for sensitive data, or can be done in a service provider cloud for easy extension. As a eco-friendly solution, the CEAA servers will go into a standby mode when the load is low, and will come back online in case of compute bursts.

The cluster can start from a single server and scale to thousands of servers based on the need. A CEAA server will automatically repurpose itself to any layer in the architecture where the load is high for faster processing. All data is stored in a distributed stack and available for any further processing required.

report-icon CEAA Architecture
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 Cloud Solutions

Reliable legislative content network—containing public media files and records and maintaining a 99.98% uptime track-record.

We also have several users currently leveraging our technology to successfully run their day-to-day information tasks including managing and delivering legislative information, collaborating with citizens, and more.

 Agenda Management

The Agenda Management System helps companies create Meeting agenda's is a more efficient manner.

It helps organize, store and easily retrieve supporting electronic documents. It also maintains all supporting documents and tracks each packets path through the entire process.

Plus, it allows staff to quickly and easily publish agenda and minutes documents to the Web, helping ensure records availability.

 Electronic PDF Submission

Electronic PDF Submission system collects data from any PDF Form automatically and saves it in persistent storage. This data can now be used for mining or in  different applications.

Sign this document electronically and approve it through our automated workflow system. Add adminstrative security per form so each form's data can be viewed only by a certain group of users.

 Document Collaboration

Reaching new heights of automation with daocument section collabloration, approval worflow and automatically assemble and publish the document.

Store electronic files of any format and system will automatically add metadata information. Easily search and retrieve documents.

Share and Reuse the data across various documents.

 Document Creation

Collect data from different sources and merge it with a template and create documents in various formats.

Store electronic files of any format and system will automatically add metadata information. Easily search and retrieve documents.

Sign, approve, and publish documents electronically.